Middle School is a rough time.

I remember it well.

After just a few weeks in the ficious school of self-conscious pre-teens, all looking for flaws in others to mask the flaws they see in themselves, it can be easy to want to lock yourself away for a long while.

Trust me, I did.

Locking yourself away physically, or even mentally, to escape the grusomeness of going through all these hormone spikes and being thorn in a pit of like-minded species, is an all too common method of handling.

Caves Girls wants to help girls emerge; to come out of the cave that is so easy to hide in. We do so by bringing all the girls together in a work shop, where we learn to laugh at ourselves and our mistakes, break down our mental walls and barriers, ask real questions and give real answers, and free ourselves of judgement (of ourselves and others), through a series of well coordinated activities.

Our hopes are that these young girls walk away from the workshops with a feeling of connection and community, by knowing that they are not the only ones feeling this way and they are not too different from the person next to them in class. We hope that we can shatter their old world views, to make room for them to move into a new, fresh world of connection, compassion, and understanding.